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Worldwide Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application Forecast 2021-2027| Eternity Insights

The Global Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market Size, Share & Growth Analysis By Services (Process & Handling, Specimen Collection, Specimen Shipping), By Application (Cancer, Biosimilar, Vaccine Clinical Trials), By End-Use (Doctors & Nurses, Individuals, Medical Laboratories, And Others), And Regional Forecast, 2021-2027, This research & consulting report doles out information about the global Mobile Phlebotomy Services market. The forecast period of the market extends till 2027 while commencing in 2020. The report sheds light on various key insights & trends that have occupied center stage & drawn the attention of end-users. The Mobile Phlebotomy Services industry is witnessing impressive expansion at present, having logged double-digit CAGRs in the past.

The Global Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market size reached USD 498.3 Million in 2020 and is expected to register a revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% during the forecast period, 2021-2027.

The report alludes to the Mobile Phlebotomy Services market as a lucrative sector. This sector is slated to generate substantial revenues during the forecast period 2021 to 2027. The analytical report highlights data & overview regarding the size, shares, & demand of Mobile Phlebotomy Services. Several other factors have had a positive or negative impact on the industry, all of which have been laid out in detail.

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Pros & Scope of The Report

The said factors comprise drivers, novel prospects, hindrances, and other vital characteristics of the market. Investments by rivals into Mobile Phlebotomy Services products have catapulted the market into the limelight & have stoked its demand, globally.

Few among other key aspects that find a mention; encompass the industry segments, predictions, & size, and shares for 2021 to 2027. Besides these; the report narrows down on the innovative trends & technological developments, expansion strategies of key players, and regional statistics.

Some Of The Companies For Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market Are:

•    NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.

•    Viracor-IBT Laboratories

•    Angel's on Wheels Mobile Phlebotomy LLC

•    Sonora Quest Laboratories

•    TravaLab LLC

•    Ultimate Wellness Providers Co.

•    Mobile Phlebotomy Services, Inc.

•    Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC

•    VeniExpress, Inc.

•    Progressive Phlebotomy Services, LLC

More Inputs & Objectives

The manner in which nascent & local competitors stack up against prominent players, hogs the spotlight. Novel products & services, coupled with the monetary shares of eminent competitors and the SWOT analysis unveil the complexities of the global industry size.

Segments Covered in the Report

This report forecasts revenue growth at the global, regional, and country levels and provides an analysis of the latest industry trends from 2021 to 2027 in each of the sub segments. For the purpose of this study, Eternity Insights has segmented the global Mobile Phlebotomy Services market on the basis of services, application, end-use and region:

Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market, By Services

•    Process & Handling

•    Specimen Collection

•    Routine Draws

•    Stat Draws

•    Specialty Test Kits

•    Saliva Kits

•    Stool Specimens Kits

•    Family Study Testing

•    Paternity Testing

•    Pediatric Blood Draws & Heel Sticks

•    Health Fairs

•    Research & Investigational Testing

•    Specimen Shipping

Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market, By Application

•    Cancer

•    Liquid Biopsy Tests

•    Biosimilar

•    Infectious Disease

•    Immunoassay

•    Urinalysis with UTI Panel

•    Respiratory Virus Panel

•    Tuberculosis Screening

•    Vaccine Clinical Trials

Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market, By End-Use

•    Doctors & Nurses

•    Individuals

•    Medical Laboratories

•    Assisted Living Facilities

•    Companies with Wellness Programs

Mobile Phlebotomy Services Market, By Regional Outlook

North America












Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific



South Korea


Rest of APAC

Latin America


Rest of LATAM

Middle East & Africa

Saudi Arabia


South Africa


Rest of MEA

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Research Methodology

•    Research methodology is an integral component of any kind of high-level market research. It entails evaluation by expert panels, research on secondary & primary levels, checks on quality, & testing on completion. Secondary research deeply focuses on the whys, whos, wheres, whens, & hows and caters to answering the strictly consumer-centric base of people.

•    Some other secondary research sources comprise governmental affiliations & blogs, business magazines, and industrial journals. Primary research includes face-to-face & telephonic interviews with industry experts. It is comparatively more detailed & lays stress on unprejudiced opinions about the products & services.

•    Primary research findings cement secondary research & help end-users & businesses get a better hang of various markets. However, it is a well-established fact that research methodology is best implemented through the mixed execution of its aforementioned procedures.

What Does the Report Offer?

•    A break down & profiling of the qualitative & quantitative analysis of the industry.

•    An in-depth overview of the segments & sub-segments of the industry, unlocking their shares and positions.

•    Data on market players & their growth strategies.

•    Industry outlook, via value chains.

•    Mergers & acquisitions, the SWOT analysis of prominent competitors, and high-tech product launches.

•    Drivers, hindrances, factors that positively & negatively impact the market, and new opportunities.

•    Crucial information and actionable insights, enabling businesses to widen their traction & to have an edge over others.

•    Regions into which the global market is fragmented and the reigning regional markets & their respective shares & revenues.

•    Analytical support on the purchases made/orders passed.

•    Other Vital Points That Are Covered

The impact of Covid-19 on each of the segments of the Mobile Phlebotomy Services market.

•    The suppliers, manufacturers, raw materials, dominating players, etc.

•    Key regional contributors & their shares in the past and the future.

•    Evaluation of most of the important countries within particular regions in view of their revenues, supplies, supremacy, business returns, & consumption volumes.

•    Advanced technologies that surround the market and comprehensive outlook on industry applications, products, end-users, & regions.

•    Technological & statistical data to cater to businesses, shareholders, & companies' demands and help them grow further.

•    Comparison of competitors against other players and the dominant companies during the forecast period. Strategies employed by reigning stakeholders to gain further traction & to generate higher revenues.

•    End users that are ahead in the rat race and the positive factors that influence those end users.

•    Applications that should come out on top by the end of the forecast period.

•    Products that occupy the maximum shares and the drivers behind those products.

•    Factors that bode well for the Mobile Phlebotomy Services market and mention other industries closely associated with the Mobile Phlebotomy Services market.

•    Regions that open the floodgates to higher investments and greater opportunities.

•    Records of the market sales, volumes, CAGRs, & shares.

The market report also brings to light major opportunities and untapped geographies. It is more like a blend of customized research documents & conventional reports. Besides informing buyers about the pros & cons of direct and indirect sales channels, the analysis exhibits illustrations & graphical representations of industry growth and the innovative trends within the industry.

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